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MediaHead is a Dallas-based home automation company whose mission is to make their clients' lives more extraordinary, fun and secure, by creatively integrating modern technologies into their homes and businesses. We ran with that idea and developed a brand platform, website and marketing materials that would exude a positive attitude and trustworthiness with their clients.
MediaHead Logo

Brand Identity

"Speaker Monkey," as their logo is commonly referred to, is everything to their brand. It immediately says what the company does as it's shape could be perceived as a speaker or mobile device. It's smile says that the customer experience will be positive one. It is also a balanced, clean and modern logo mark to mimic the products that they install and the fact that wires won't be going everywhere.


Using bold colors, beautiful photography, and clean typography, we designed and developed an informative web presence that positions MediaHead as the experts in home technology at first glance. It's clearly broken up into three distinct buckets for home owners, business owners, and builders to quickly identify content that they'd want to see specific to their needs. The responsive website was built on the Webflow platform where we were able to give the client CMS access to update, edit and add content as-needed.


We designed branded shirts for the employees to wear and for them to hand out to customers as thank-you gifts. The idea was to show just how simple technology can become when MediHead is on your side.
MediaHead T-ShirtMediaHead T-ShirtMediaHead T-Shirt

Fundraiser Marketing Materials

MediaHead sponsored a Dallas-area elementary school's fundraiser event, so we had the opportunity to make some fun ads for the program and live-auction paddle.
MediaHead Print AdvertisingFundraiser event live auction paddle

Vehicle Wrap

Branding their vehicles was a lot of fun. We wanted them to create a statement and stand out while driving down the street or parked at a customer's home. Clean, modern, and recognizable was what we were going for. We even went as far as to suggest a custom license plate that read "MONKYBZ".
MediaHead van vehicle wrapMediaHead van vehicle wrapMediaHead van vehicle wrap